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‘It’s nice to do these things a bit differently when you – fingers crossed – have the good weather.’ ‘Not me personally, I think there’s a lot of people yes, because it’s so difficult to get music on the radio.‘Everything just follows the same pattern and that’s why you end up having a lot of songs which share a similar feel, just because people feel they just want their song to be played and that’s just totally understandable.‘For me I’ve actually never really had a lot of radio plays so it’s not really something that has changed that much for me so I never really change what I do just to fit in but I get why people do it because it’s all about trends and fashions and what’s happening.

‘We have festivals but we tend to not have as many [open air] events and it’s great to have the Hampton Court show because it seems like it’s a similar thing.‘It’s difficult to have any rituals because everything changes but when you’re on tour it’s easier because days are quite similar but the festival madness you’re in a different place every single day, so you don’t really have any chance to have a routine really.’ ‘It kind of varies, it’s a totally different thing.You’re not necessarily playing to people who are there to see you, you have that element that you might have to win certain people over and it can be a challenge but I do like doing things differently and I sometimes like having that challenge so for me it’s good to have a mixture and be able to do both types of show.Er schiebt einen Regler nach oben, taucht die Bhne in gleiendes Licht, streckt die Hnde in die Hhe, sein Zeigefinger rotiert im Takt.

Ein Ventilator, der auf zwei Kisten steht, blst ihm warme Luft in den Nacken.

They are so talented and such a breath of fresh air compared to most of the manufactured things we are subjected to these days.