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"Originally I marketed it as part dating site and part social network, but pretty much nobody used it as a social network," says Kershaw.

What used to be exclusive to lumbersexuals and hirsute hipsters, beards have made their way into the mainstream and are equated with style and grooming, appearing everywhere from the face of celebrities to the pages of fashion magazines.

“She was like, ‘Yo, girl, you probably have a food allergy.’ I stopped eating wheat, and I just never got sick anymore.”) “This is amazing,” she says, taking a huge bite of a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting. “This is the best thing I’ve ever eaten.” She is a very good actress. (She did at least play a banker, in 2012’s Arbitrage.) “The L. mentality is a bit dangerous, like, ‘If you just get a colonic twice a week, you’re not going to have any problems anymore,’ ” she says.

At Georgetown, Marling studied economics and interned at Goldman Sachs. “There are so many cultish circles, so many ideas for a quick fix on how your life is going to be as blissful as the weather out there.” She eyes the box of gluten-free chocolate-chip cookies in front of her.

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Di indole in apparenza fredda e violenta, ha un carattere molto fiero e idealista. Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.Kershaw told Konbini: "A year ago I was procrastinating at work, trying to think up a funny fake start-up idea; "Uber for beard-fondling" was an obvious choice.I made a landing page with the name "Bristlr" and the logo, and to my surprise people started signing up!It’s the middle of the afternoon on a cloudless 90-something-degree day, and she’s trying to get a picture of the view from Battery Park of the Statue of Liberty and the harbor.

She can’t figure out how to turn off the light, so she ignores it and snaps away.

Bristlr, dubbed the ‘Tinder for Beards' , is part social network, part dating service.