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(I know this has some truth, because I’ve sold two digital products for six-figures in sales, however it’s not the only way.) The sequence started with a “tripwire” free offer, possibly promoted with Facebook video ads. This sent me through to Eben’s “sideways sales letter” (borrowing Jeff Walker’s term from “Product Launch Formula“… These videos are very well written, skilfully presented, and well produced.

My only gripe is that they’re mostly sales pitch, but that’s the whole point. ” A few days later, right as the course is due to start, we get this lifeline! And I find it hard to believe that Eben was being totally honest when he sent me that email saying I only had 3 hours to get onto his course.

Next up for an “ethical marketing analysis” is Eben Pagan, who started his adventures in info-marketing selling “dating advice for men” under the pseudonym David De Angelo.

Eben has recently (October/November 2015) re-launched his “Digital Product Blueprint” course, which is essentially teaching you the following…

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Along the way, you will be granted an access to a private support from a group of marketing experts.He settled the case, and paid a fine of 7,000 to compensate victims.He sells packages of information about how to make money on the internet, and does Internet lead generation for boiler rooms and call centers that sell "coaching programs" that claim to help people learn Filsaime's methods; Filsaime receives a percentage of the money paid to the coaches.That’s not to say that it’s easy to succeed and profit from an information publishing business, but at least the tools we have to do so require minimal skill to set-up and there are thousands of people who are willing to do the set-up work for little cost.

You can have a blog and email newsletter up and running in an hour for under 0.

It was impossible for anyone involved in Internet Marketing to miss the pre-launch hype about the new product by Eben Pagan – Virtual CEO Lifestyle. He made a comeback with a brand new training course that comprises a series of live events and coaching webinars.